California firefighters' homes scorched (images)

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See the photos they uploaded on social media

Thirty-one people have been killed so far in the deadly wildfires in California.

Specifically, from the flames that "engulfed" the rich community of Malibu, many villas of celebrities did not escape, who evacuated their homes aron-aron.

Among the celebrities was actor Gerald Butler, who took pictures of his damaged house, showing the remnants left by the fire.

Also through social media, the actor Orlano Bloom and Jessica Simpson informed their fans that their houses were in immediate danger from the fire, without it being known whether they finally burned down.

Chloe Kardashian also "joined" in the fight against fire.

The famous person wearing a mask on her face, hurried to help the firefighters, providing them with everything they need.

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian informed via Twitter that a part of their villa in Hidden Hills was "hit" by the flames, but was not completely destroyed.

Among the celebrities who left their homes were also Lady Gaga, singer Robin Thick and Brice Brosnan.

Gerald Butler's house

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The Kardashian mansion burned down

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Photo from the home of director Scott Derrickson

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Orlando Bloom's house at the "mercy" of fire

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Singer Robin Thick photographed what was left of his home

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Among the celebrities who left their homes was also Lady Gaga

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