Stormy Daniels's request to be sworn in by Trump rejected


A federal judge has rejected a request by sensational film star Stormy Daniels to order the swearing-in of US President Donald Trump and to expedite the trial in the lawsuit filed against him.

Judge James Otero ruled that Daniels's claims - according to Stephanie Clifford - were "premature" and should therefore be rejected. The case has been assigned to a federal court by California state courts at Trump's request.

Daniels's lawyer, Michael Avenati, had asked the court to order affidavits in the case from both Trump and his attorney, Michael Cohen.

Otero explained that the president and Essential Consultants, the company Cohen founded and paid Daniels $ 130.000 in October 2016, just days before the presidential election, told the court they intended to ask for the case to be sent. in arbitration.

In her lawsuit, the porn star claims that the agreement she had signed, not to talk about her relationship with the president for the amount of 130.000 dollars, is invalid because he did not sign it. She and her lawyer also insist that the payment constitutes illegal funding for Trump's campaign.

The judge noted that since Cohen and Trump's request for arbitration has not yet been filed, it would be premature to approve Daniels' claims.