Aggeli murder: No charges are accepted – When was a new trial set?

Two persons were brought before the Permanent Criminal Court of Famagusta today

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Two persons, a 42-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman, were brought before the Permanent Criminal Court of Famagusta today, who denied the charges brought against them in connection with the murder of Nikos Aggelis, 35 years old from Xylotymbou.

Specifically, the 42-year-old denied the charge of murder, while the 32-year-old denied the charge of written threats to kill.

At the previous hearing, on October 31, the 42-year-old had requested legal aid and was appointed a lawyer, while the two defense attorneys asked for time to study the evidence in the case and respond today to the charges facing their clients.

It is noted that the two persons were arrested on the charge of attempted murder of the 35-year-old, however they were re-arrested by the Famagusta Police Station, after the death, on September 6, of Nikos Angelis, who was hospitalized at the Nicosia General Hospital, following blows to the head on August 29.

It is recalled that the attempted murder against the 35-year-old occurred around 5.30:29 in the afternoon of Tuesday, August XNUMX, at his home in Xylotymbou, where he was found a little later covered in blood by a relative.

He was immediately transferred to the Larnaca General Hospital, where it was found that he had multiple head fractures, while, due to the criticality of his condition, he was transferred to the Nicosia General Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

From the autopsy performed on the body of the 35-year-old, it was found that his death was due to a brain injury.

The next hearing was set for January 24, 2024.

Source: KYPE