Burla: The coronavirus will not go away for the next 10 years

The coronavirus will continue to exist for the next 10 years, said Pfizer CEO Albert Burla

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The coronavirus will continue to exist for the next 10 years, said Pfizer CEO Albert Burla.

During a teleconference with Goldman Sachs analyst Chris Sibutani, Albert Burla expressed the belief that the Omicron mutation is a "challenge", as he claims to introduce the concept of the fourth dose, before the annual vaccination.

"The virus will not go away. And I can talk for a decade. It is endemic everywhere it has the ability to create variability, so we will live one way or the other for years to come, I think. "This is something that no one knows for sure, but I think this is the view of the majority of scientists," he said.

Vaccines and natural immunity

Regarding the "weapon" of the vaccine, but also the natural immunity caused by the disease, the CEO of Pfizer stated for both that "they do not last long".

"We know this with all the variations so far, and we are going to find out with Omicron as well: the immune response lasts a few months. That's why I predicted we would need a series of three doses and then an annual revaccination to maintain a good level of immunity. "But it seems to be a challenge, because the new variant introduces the concept of the fourth dose before the annual vaccination."

In fact, he said about the appearance of new variants of the coronavirus, that they bring us closer and closer to the fourth dose of the vaccine.

"I do not know how this will end. "Nevertheless, I think the most likely scenario would be the annual vaccination, but I think that will be for the coming years."

Source: news247.gr