Bill Gates: "If we make the right choices we can do it Covid-19 the latest pandemic "

The world must make eliminating pandemics a priority

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The world must make eliminating pandemics a priority

In his decision to start writing a book, which will include the steps to avoid future pandemics, was mentioned again, Bill Gates, who has learned many of the two years of the corona virus as he claims.

The book "How To Prevent the Next Pandemic" is to be released in May, and includes the steps that need to be taken to avoid future pandemics and is motivated by the fact that we now know what a pandemic can bring. "People now understand how seriously we should take pandemics. No one needs to be convinced that a contagious disease can kill millions of people or stop the global economy. If we make the right choices and investments, we can make it Covid-19 the last pandemic "he emphasizes.

"I believe the coronavirus could be the last pandemic"

"I believe that the Covid-19 may be the last pandemic. I know it may be hard to believe, while we are still trying to bring the coronavirus under control. "The last two years have caused incredible difficulties around the world and it is not easy to feel optimistic when you have suffered so many people," the billionaire wrote in a text posted on his website, concluding: "I can only think: "We do not need to do this again," he was quoted as saying by

As Gates writes, the world must make eliminating pandemics a priority. "I learned a lot in the process, both about this pandemic and how to stop the next one, and I want to share what I learned. "So I started writing a book about how we can make sure no one suffers from a pandemic ever again."