Brexit will not be derailed, says Prime Minister May

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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May said today that her plan to leave the EU will not be overturned, laying the groundwork for difficult meetings next week in which she will try to unite the polarized cabinet behind her vision for the post-election period. Brexit Britain.

On Friday, May was welcomed by EU leaders in Brussels after securing an agreement to end a stalemate in talks on a transitional period and long-term trade deals.

The progress made has alleviated some of the concerns of businesses and investors who fear that Britain will go out of the bloc without an exit agreement or that the fragile May government will collapse under the pressure of Brexit.

"In the midst of all this fuss, we are continuing our work. My message today is very clear. "We will not be derailed by our fundamental duty to fulfill the democratic aspirations of the British people," May wrote in the Sunday Telegraph.

However, the prime minister is expected to face difficulties this week when she and her ministers discuss the so-called "final stage" of "divorce" negotiations for the first time since the result of the June 2016 referendum on the country's exit from the EU.

These meetings are expected to take place on Monday and Tuesday.

One of the proponents of Brexit in the cabinet, Boris Johnson, set out his views ahead of the meetings, warning May that Britain should avoid becoming inferior to the EU.