Britain: Two-year-old boy starved to death - Found next to his dead father

Tragedy in Britain - Little boy found curled up in his pajamas next to his dead father

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A two-year-old boy starved to death next to his dead father, who suffered a heart attack, his family have revealed.

Young Bronson Battersby was found curled up in his pajamas next to his dead father Kenneth, 60, who suffered a heart attack.

A social worker made his routine visit to the father and son's home on January 2, but when no one answered the door he called the police.

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He visited again on January 4 at the home in Lincolnshire, UK, but again there was no response. The social worker contacted the police again that day.

The shocking thing is that the bodies of Kenneth and Bronson were found on January 9, when the social worker herself used a key she took from the owner to enter the house.

The toddler's mother, Sarah Piesse, 43, last saw her son before Christmas after an argument with her ex.

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She told the Sun: “If social services had done their job, Bronson would still be alive. But they did nothing. I can not believe it. They must not let them get away. We need to be able to rely on social workers to keep our children safe. I had the autopsy results. Bronson starved to death because his father died. It is believed that the father died on December 29 at the earliest. That means if the social worker had pressed in when she didn't get a response on January 2, then Bronson would still be alive."

On Facebook, Brosnon's sister Melanie Battersby wrote: “The beautiful little boy deserved so much better than this life. We love you Bronson, you will forever be a part of us and forever my little brother. I have a lot of anger inside me right now, and I just want to remember his little smile."

Mum-of-three Sarah last saw Bronson after a row with Kenneth before Christmas.

A family friend said the toddler was a happy child who enjoyed watching Cocomelon, loved nursery rhymes and often played the drums.