Elizabeth: Gave the green light for Camilla to become queen when Charles ascends the throne

Her move also reflects the general acceptance of Camilla's position in the British royal family.

camilla 1 QUEEN ELIZABETH, Britain

Britain's Queen Elizabeth announced on Saturday that she wants Prince Charles's wife, Camilla, to take the title of queen when he becomes king, a move that has established her role in the heart of the royal family.

In a letter on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne, Queen Elizabeth said that this anniversary gave her the opportunity to reflect on the devotion and love shown to her by the British.

He added that he hopes Karolos and Camila will receive similar support.

"It is my sincere wish, when the time comes, for Camilla to be named Royal Husband as she continues her royal work," Elizabeth said.

Carlos and Camilla, longtime lovers, were married in 2005 in a political ceremony in Windsor. They themselves stated that "the words of His Majesty moved them and honored them".

Elizabeth's move also reflects the general acceptance of Camilla's position in the British royal family. imgsrc aspx 4 600x400 1 QUEEN ELIZABETH, Britain

The tabloids no longer target her, as they did a decade after the death in 1997 of Charles's first wife, Princess Diana.

Camilla, whose title is now Duchess of Cornwall, now regularly represents the royal family alongside Charles in official appearances.

Throughout British history the wife of a king usually takes the title of Royal Wife. When they got married, it was officially decided that Camilla would use the title of Princess's Wife if Charles became king.

Also on Saturday, the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth ascending the throne began. The British monarch invited members of the local community to her home in Sandringham, in the east of England.

The queen, who appeared smiling and wearing a light blue dress, cut a cake made by a local while an orchestra was playing the song "Congratulations".

"I am eternally grateful and humbled by the devotion and love you continue to show me," she wrote in a letter to the British. camilla 600x394 1 QUEEN ELIZABETH, Britain

Elizabeth was not destined to become Queen of Britain when she was born. This was because her uncle, Edward V, gave the throne to his brother and Elizabeth's father because he wanted to marry a divorced American woman, Wallis Simpson.

In 2015, Elizabeth surpassed Queen Victoria as Britain's longest-serving monarch.

This weekend's celebrations are a prelude to a grander ceremony in early June to celebrate Elizabeth's 70th birthday on the British throne, when the government will declare an extra day off.

But the queen herself said that this anniversary was an opportunity for her to think.

"It is a day which, even after 70 years, I remember both the death of my father, King George VI, and the beginning of my king," she wrote in her letter.

"As we celebrate this anniversary, I am pleased to renew the promise I made in 1947 that my life will always be dedicated to your service," she told the British people.