Brexit: 'Irish' deal on the air

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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May is fighting to salvage a deal in the Brexit negotiations, trying to overcome the disagreements of her governing Northern Ireland coalition partners, the small Union Party of Northern Ireland with the harmonization, following Britain's exit from the EU, of the regulatory framework in force in Northern Ireland with that in force in the Republic of Ireland and a member of the European Union. The DUP is vetoing an arrangement that will "separate" the British province of Ulster from British territory and threatens to establish a "hard border" between the Irish and British Isles.

DUP leader Arlene Foster said today that she has no plans to travel to London, as there is no prospect of an agreement on the issue, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph. "Arlene will show up when they are close to an agreement on something. "There is so much work to be done right now; we are not at a stage where Arlene can be involved as a leader," said a DUP source.

However, the agreement on Ireland appeared to be imminent yesterday: it provided for the harmonization of regulatory frameworks in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after Brexit to prevent the resumption of border demarcation between them and with it traffic control. persons and goods.

The intra-Irish border had disappeared after the Good Friday Agreement in April 1998, which ended thirty years of bloody clashes between Catholic nationalists and Protestant Unionists in Northern Ireland.