COVID19: New mutation appeared - How it relates to Omicron

A new variant that is considered related to Omicron seems to have been identified

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A new variant that is considered related to Omicron seems to have been identified.

As stated in her statements by the president of EINAP, Matina Pagoni, "it started with five or six incidents in Νορβηγία, or visit its Sweden and Denmark, and then reached about 60 cases ".

He explained that she is almost like Omicron, a little more aggressive, emphasizing at the same time that there is no need to panic.

"We will see it, the institute will study it. "We are not particularly worried," he said of the new mutation.

It is worth noting that during yesterday's briefing by the Ministry of Health in Greece, Professor of Hygiene and Epidemiology Gikas Majorkinis spoke about sub-variation.

"From the beginning, from the beginning of December, you can look for it, there is also a Guardian article, it has been reported that 'Omicron' has two branches," he said.

He went on to explain that one of the two branches, we also called it stealth, "hidden branch", because it has a mutation in position 67 that makes it undetectable by the classical method we use to detect it. It seems, then, that this industry has probably expanded in Norway. Maybe in some other countries. Whether this means it is more contagious is still too early to say because we have not seen it happen in other countries. "And one industry may accidentally expand into one country and accidentally expand into another country."

He stressed that there are no reports of this sub-variation in Greece and it does not seem that there are significant differences between one branch and the other in terms of morbidity or contagion.

It is worth noting that this sub-variant was not mentioned in Cyprus either.

Source: iefimerida - huffingtonpost