Mark Zuckerberg before the European Parliament

cna t99c97f5c77f24fdc908e9c28abca3d40 EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, MARK ZAGERBERK

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will meet with representatives of the European Parliament today. While in Brussels, he agreed to be questioned about the use of the personal data of 87 million users of his website by a political consulting firm.

The meeting of the head of Facebook with the MEPs will be broadcast live via the Internet, the European Parliament announced. European Parliament President Antonio Tagiani himself announced via Twitter that he had accepted Zuckerberg's invitation last week.

"I discussed with Mr Zuckerberg the possibility of a live broadcast of this meeting. I am pleased to announce that he has accepted this new request "

Last month, Zuckerberg testified before the US Congress as the world's largest social networking platform came under fire for the way it handles users' personal data, following revelations that the British company Cambridge Analytica used data from millions of people. , mostly Americans.