Turkey: Famous YouTuber Beaten to Fainting by Her Husband

In the photos she posted, she seems to be unconscious from the wood and he next to her is taking a selfie

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The rounds of the Turkish - and not only - media, but also of social media, are made by the photos uploaded on her Instagram account by the well-known YouTuber, Irem Ay.

The young woman, after divorcing her husband, Berkay Saner, decided to reveal the nightmarish moments of domestic violence she lived with him, as he abused her.

In the photos she posted, it seems that she is unconscious from the wood and he is taking a selfie next to her!

As she mentioned, her husband was blackmailing her that he would make her resilient and everyone would find out that she eats wood from her husband.

When she managed to divorce him and take precautionary measures, she uploaded the photos - documents to show that she is not afraid. xylodarmos32 600x353 1 domestic violence, abuse, Turkey

In her shocking post, she thanks the people for their support, stressing that this was a small part of her life and that she has experienced others that she does not want to share, concluding that she will take him to court to be punished.