Policeman saves woman from beheading in Pakistan: She was accused of blasphemy

The policewoman was awarded the highest uniform award in the country


Pakistani authorities have publicly rewarded the female police officer who saved a woman from being lynched by a mob that accused her of blasphemy because of her dress.

The incident happened in a restaurant in Lahore, when citizens found the Arabic written on the woman's dress offensive.

According to Sky News, the word "halwa" which means "beautiful" in Arabic was written on the dress, but the mob mistakenly thought it was a verse from the Koran.

In the video of the episode, they can be heard shouting at the woman to take off her dress, with some calling for her beheading for blasphemy.

Police officer Syeda Shehrbano who was in the area intervened and asked the angry crowds to "trust us". As can be seen in the video, the police officer covered the woman with a long black dress and put a gold-colored scarf on her head, before walking her through the crowd, leading her away to safety.

"The police officer risked her life to save the woman," said the head of the police service to which Shehrbano belongs.

The award ceremony was held in the city of Rawalpindi and the policewoman was awarded the highest uniform award in the country, with officials describing her as fearless.

Source: protothema.gr