The United States is not going to leave Turkey

Article by Cem Kiüçük in the newspaper "Türkiye".

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Cem Kyutsuk article in the newspaper Turkey.

Turkish Economy and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak met with US President Trump in the United States. The meeting was attended by Trump's son-in-law Jared Kouchner and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Berat's meeting with Trump is extremely important.

The co-operation of two important NATO partners in the region is non-negotiable. For the first time, a Turkish minister met with the US President at the White House. Asked about this, Albayrak replied: "It is not a concession made to me, but a sign of the importance they attach to Turkey. "It's a testament to Trump's positive view of Turkey, and the strong channel of communication between the Turkish president and the US president."

On the issue of S-400s, Albayrak said: "I can say that Trump, listening to the reasons that forced Turkey to procure the S-400s, showed understanding."

Yesterday, καιbrahim Kal σημανn made an important statement: is finally given to the PKK ".

Referring to relations with Russia and the S-400s, Kalin said: "Turkey-Russia relations have nothing to threaten a third country. Russia is an important partner in the region and we work together on many regional issues. "But we are a NATO ally and we value our relations with NATO and our strategic ally, the United States."

Kalin's remarks were followed by statements by the US Special Envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, who referred to the YPG issue: "We are working with Turkey on the issue of establishing a security zone, but there are issues on which we do not have agree exactly. Turkey has serious objections and fears for its security. The United States understands Turkey's fears about the people with whom we fought against the YPG (PKK / PKK). "We are working to create a security zone in which there will be no Turkish or YPG units."

If one puts all these statements in order, one comes to the following conclusion:

Turkey is a very important part of NATO. It is not possible to have NATO without Turkey. And the US can not leave Turkey. Turkey is not a country that can be sacrificed for the swabs of the YPG / PKK. Our strategic relationship with the United States continues. Of course, Turkey will procure the S-400s from Russia, for reasons of national interest. This is another matter.

Some of the opposition in Turkey and Gulen supporters abroad want us to cut ties with the West, but the US, even if it wanted to, could not leave Turkey. In the coming days we will see some practical steps in this regard.

Cem Kucuk
Translation: Savvas Kalenteridis.