May and Rutte talked about Brexit

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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May was in The Hague for a meeting with her Dutch counterpart at noon, as part of her upcoming trips to European capitals for discussions on Brexit.
Mark Rutte said clarity was needed on all aspects of the UK's future relationship with the EU.
Ms May is under pressure from Europeans to warn that the time for an agreement on a future relationship is narrowing. At the same time, it is under conflicting pressure from its MPs and ministers as to how "soft" or "hard" Brexit should be.
A Downing Street spokesman said the British prime minister had stressed the importance of "ambitious" economic co-operation and security co-operation between London and other Europeans after Brexit.
Regarding bilateral relations, the two leaders agreed that in the future, trade should be conducted as smoothly as possible.
Ms May will be received by Chancellor Merkel in Berlin on Thursday, a day before the crucial cabinet meeting to be held at the Prime Minister's residence in Checkers.
At the meeting, the prime minister is expected to ask her ministers to support a new proposal for the future customs relationship with the EU. supporters of Brexit.