Strong Israeli police forces are deployed in Jerusalem

ieroysalim 8 police officers, EPISODES, JERUSALEM, Israel

Israel has deployed hundreds of additional police officers in Jerusalem ahead of Friday prayers in Temen Square following a call by various Palestinian organizations for a series of large-scale protests against US President Donald Trump's recognition of President Donald Trump. of Israel, Israeli police announced.

"Hundreds of additional police and border guards have been deployed in and around the Old Town," police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld told AFP.

He added that there is no age limit for worshipers who are allowed by the Israeli authorities to go to the Mosque Square to pray, unlike other periods of high intensity during which this measure was imposed.

The Temple Square, a third holy site of Islam and a holy site of the Jews, who call it the Temple Mount, is located in East Jerusalem, which has been annexed by Israel and is under its occupation.

Israeli forces control access to it.

Palestinian groups have called on Palestinians to protest the decision by US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the US embassy there in the future.