Historic agreement between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un (BINTEO + PHOTO)


The leaders of the United States and North Korea signed a text of an agreement at the Singapore Summit on Tuesday as a result of the "successful conference" as described by Donald Trump. The content of the agreement signed by Trump and Kim has not been made known yet.

Prior to the signing ceremony, the two leaders had discussions that lasted several hours. The day began with a handshake between the two leaders, with Trump talking about an "excellent relationship" with the North Korean leader.

The US president said the deal was "very comprehensive" and that denuclearization of the Korean peninsula would begin "very soon."

"We are very proud of what happened today. "I think the whole relationship with North Korea and the Korean peninsula will be very different than in the past," he said, adding that copies of the agreement would be given later.

"People will see the change soon. "I thank President Trump for helping make this meeting possible," said Kim Jong Un. 

Earlier, the US president and the North Korean leader sat down together at a table in one of the rooms of the luxury hotel Capella, on the island of Sentosa in Singapore, for a working lunch, after the enlarged bilateral talks, after the own discussion of leaders earlier in the morning.

There, Trump assured that "historic progress" had been made at the historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and that the two countries would sign a bilateral agreement, the contents of which remain unknown at this time.

Asked by reporters how the talks went, Trump said that "great progress has been made, in fact (the debate was very positive). I think it went better than anyone could expect. We will go now to sign ". He did not specify the type of document the two leaders would sign.

Trump made the remarks as he and Kim walked into the courtyard around the Capella Hotel after a working lunch with top government officials.

In addition to Trump and Kim, 13 officials from the two governments are at the table with them.


Source: AlphaNews.live