Singapore: Four lions at a zoo tested positive on covid-19

They show symptoms such as coughing and sneezing

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Four lions at a Singapore Zoo tested positive for coronavirus after being infected by park staff and show symptoms such as coughing and sneezing, the authorities announced today.

Asian lions began to show symptoms covid-19 this weekend, which prompted park rangers to undergo diagnostic tests.

"All the lions are lively and energetic," said Sonia Luz of the park's Mandai Wildlife Group. "We expect them to recover by providing adjuvant therapy," he added.

Lions infected by covid-19 as well as five other cats living in Singapore's Night Safari Park have been isolated, the government's veterinary service said.

Three guards of the open park also tested positive in covid-19, while a lion of the Singapore Zoo, located next to the Night Safari Park, got sick and the authorities asked him to undergo a diagnostic test for coronavirus.

The park remains open, as does the zoo, as the risk of transmitting the coronavirus from animals to humans is considered to be negligible.

Lions, tigers and gorillas have been found to be coronavirus positive in US zoos, as well as cats and dogs.