Qatar: A three-week-old baby succumbed to complications COVID-19

"He had no other health problems, not even a known inherited disease"

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A three-week-old newborn died of a "severe infection" caused by COVID-19 in Qatar, a rare case in the Gulf emirate, health authorities announced yesterday Sunday.

In general, mortality from the disease caused by the new coronavirus is particularly low in children, but health authorities in several countries have been recording more cases in their ranks since the spread of the Omicron variant.

"Unfortunately, a three-week-old baby died due to a severe infection due to COVID-19", He stated in a press release published by the Ministry of Health.

"She did not have any other health problems, nor any known inherited disease," she added, adding that this was the second child known to die due to complications. COVID-19 from the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic in the emirate.

"More children are being infected in the current wave and need more medical care," according to the same source.

Deaths of newborns due to its complications COVID-19 have been reported in various countries during the pandemic, but these cases are very rare.

The number of SARS-CoV-2 infections on a daily basis has reached about 4.000 in the last few days. It is twenty times more than the numbers announced in mid-December.

At the end of December, the main group of hospitals in the country suspended all licenses of medical, nursing and administrative staff providing care to patients with COVID-19, due to the rapid increase in infections.

In Qatar, with a population of 2,6 million, the new coronavirus pandemic is estimated at about 600 deaths out of a total of almost 300.000.

Source: RES-EAP