WORLD: A balloon crashed into a museum and destroyed a statue

The balloon went out of control.

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Is there anything more serene than a hot air balloon ride?

Definitely exists, if we talk about this.

A hot air balloon started its quiet flight to Como, Italy, but it seems that its pilot… was not Schumacher of the ethers.

And this is because in the first phase he put it in trees (alas, let's say that it can happen to anyone) and then… on the roof of a museum. Where he tore down a statue.

Something tells us that after last Monday's trip, he will also lose his diploma.
Luca Gilotti, an attendee, recorded everything with his camera and the video he posted on Facebook apparently went viral immediately.

The balloon went straight out of control. He first went through some trees in the surrounding area of ​​the Tempio Voltiano Museum and then fell on its roof.

There he had a violent encounter with a… statue that was placed on the spot.

The positive thing, however, was that all this happened outside the opening hours of the museum, with the result that there were no injuries.

Watch the video: