With a coronavirus the Archbishop of Australia Makarios - He was fully vaccinated

His Eminence the Archbishop of Australia, Mr. Blissful

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It is announced that on Tuesday, January 4, His Eminence the Archbishop of Australia Mr. Makarios, who underwent a diagnostic test for coronavirus, was diagnosed positive. His Excellency, who is fully vaccinated, presented mild symptoms of the disease Covid-19 and was immediately placed in self-isolation, to prevent the spread of the virus.

On this occasion, the Archbishop reiterates his paternal request and exhortation to the pious crew of the local Church and to all our fellow human beings without exception, to faithfully follow the instructions of the expert scientists, especially during the current period, when the coronavirus spreads is evolving rapidly.

More specifically, His Eminence emphasizes: "I fully understand the adverse effects and in particular the psychological fatigue that the evolving pandemic has brought to everyone. However, it is clear that we are going through an extremely critical period, during which the new variant of the virus is unfortunately spreading rapidly. This minimizes our room for complacency and necessitates even greater adherence to the rules recommended by experts. For this reason, I urge you all to do your utmost to protect yourself and the people around you, and to reduce as much as possible the risk of contracting the disease or transmitting the virus to someone else.

I still owe it to you, as Archbishop and your spiritual father, to urge again that those who have not already been vaccinated be vaccinated, trusting the scientific community. Millions of people have been rescued, have avoided intensive care and intubation because they have been vaccinated. I repeat that there are no dogmatic, canonical and ecclesiastical reasons not to vaccinate someone.

I pray unceasingly to the philanthropic and merciful God for the end of the pandemic as soon as possible, and for this I urge you, the Clergy and the People of our Holy Archdiocese ".

SOURCE: ekklisiaonline.gr