May: The decision of 27 will not be affected by yesterday's vote

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The rejection of the bill on the rights of European citizens in the United Kingdom will not be a deterrent to today's decision of the European Council, said Theresa May coming to the meeting of the European Council.

"Remember last week, President Juncker said that enough progress had been made to move into the second phase of our negotiations. "Yesterday, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to accept this recommendation," Theresa May said.

Speaking at the meeting, May said: "First of all, of course, I am here in Brussels today to talk to friends and allies about the threats and challenges we face, including security issues." "And we face a number of threats across Europe," he said, adding that they began in D'aesh, where, despite military success against Iraq, it is still a threat, and goes as far as continuing and frankly unacceptable efforts. of Russia to sow discord through misinformation ".

"I will also talk about Brexit and I will talk about the ambitious and deep and special cooperation that I want to build with the European Union in the future," the Prime Minister added.

"And on the issue of security, I am very clear that although the British people have made a sovereign decision to leave the EU, this does not mean that we will relinquish our responsibilities for European security," he said.

However, she said she was disappointed with yesterday's vote against the bill on the rights of European citizens, but noted that in fact the bill to leave the EU is making good progress through the House of Commons.