NBA Finals: The awarding of the Warriors champions (VIDEO)

The Warriors are NBA champions

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The Golden State Warriors were crowned NBA champions for the 4th time in the last eight years and for the 7th time in their history. The Warriors, led by MVP of the finals Steph Curry, who scored 34 points (6/11 103-pointers), prevailed in Boston of the Celtics with 90-6 in Game 4 of the series and with 2-XNUMX victories celebrated the title in the top world championship.

The Twelve Minutes: 22-27, 39-54, 66-76, 90-103

The Celtics started impressively and with the podium at their side they managed to take the lead early with 14-2. The Warriors, however, had the answers and with a partial score of 35-8 (including a series of 21-0) they managed to take the lead with 37-22 while the difference reached 21 points (54-33) about two minutes before the end. of half time.

In the third period, the Celtics tried to react but the "warriors" were unstoppable and determined and with six three-pointers in the twelve minutes managed to lead even with 22 points (72-50) about six minutes before the end of the period.

From that point on, Golden State did not "look back" and took the trophy inside the "home" of the "Celts", who did what they could, but had a better team against them!

Apart from Steve Carey, Andrew Wiggins was also very good, who stopped at 18 points (6 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals, 3 blocks), while Draymond Green made an excellent appearance with a double double (12 points, 12 rebounds). , 8 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks).

The compositions:

BOSTON CELTICS (Ime Udoka): Tatum 13 (1), Horford 19 (4), R. Williams 10, Smart 9 (1), Brown 34 (5), G. Williams 3, Corne, Morgan, Hauser, Nesmith 2, Pritchard, Stauskas

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS (Steve Kerr): Green 12 (2), Porter 6 (2), Wiggins 18 (4), Curry 34 (6), Thompson 12 (2), Iguodala, Looney, Peyton 6, Poole 15 (3)