New attack in Sydney – Unknown stabs priest while preaching (BINTEO)

Reports speak of four injured, including the priest - The perpetrator was arrested

Screenshot 1 10 ATTACK, Sydney

A new stabbing incident, and this time in a live broadcast, took place in the Sydney area, a few 24 hours after the "hit" at the shopping center, which left behind six dead citizens.

The attack took place at the expense of a priest who, while preaching at The Good Shepherd Church, in the Weakley area, in the west of Sydney, on Monday afternoon (local time), suddenly saw a stranger with a knife approaching him at the Holy Altar and stab him several times.

The believers who were in the area immediately rushed to stop him, while there are reports of at least four injured. The attacker – whose motives are unspecified – has been arrested, while according to the first information from the police, the priest's injuries are not life-threatening.

Watch the video of the attack

And video of him being transported to an ambulance after the attack


Who is the priest who was stabbed?

The priest who was stabbed on Monday afternoon in western Sydney, named Mari Emmanuel, has a large following on social media, with more than 17.000 followers on Facebook.

He gained notoriety during the pandemic when he described Sydney's lockdown as "mass slavery" and argued that vaccines are futile because "normal" living will boost immunity.

He had also recently traveled to the Gaza Strip to support the Palestinians.