Gazi: One of the perpetrators was arrested for the bloody attack with a gun on three men

The attack took place on the busy Iakhou street

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One of the two perpetrators of the gun attack in Gazi, with victims of three men from Crete, was arrested on Sunday evening, following coordinated actions by the authorities, early Saturday.

According to information, this is a 33-year-old man of Albanian origin and he was allegedly the co-driver of the attacker, who took out the gun and pulled the trigger.

It is noted that the charcoal jeep was also located in the northern suburbs of Attica and has been transferred to the Forensic Laboratories of EL.AS. The same information wants the Police to be very close to the arrest of the second perpetrator.

It is recalled that all three victims were injured by the shootings, with one being hospitalized in the "Gennimatas" ICU in critical condition as he has a head injury.

"He's a thug and a drug dealer"

Screenshot 4 7 Gazi, ATTACK

The attack took place on the busy Iakhou street

According to what has been known so far, the perpetrators are members of a gang and have been involved in murder, extortion and drug trafficking.

As the police analyst, Stavros Balaskas pointed out, "the perpetrator who picked up the gun has a huge file with the Police, he is a good man and a drug dealer and he was already wanted".

"He specifically targeted their heads for a verbal confrontation, he didn't care at all that the cameras were recording him. This man has two "doors", one in Albania, where if he hides in the mountains you can find him, and one in Italy, because he cooperates with the Albanian mafia in Italy" revealed the police analyst.

"We did not know them, nor did we have any differences with them. We were sitting in a shop in the area when an anthracite jeep drove by at speed, stepped on a puddle and splashed us with muddy water. We reacted by shouting “hey what are you doing?”. We did not make any other move that would "cause" the anger of the driver and the passenger of the car" revealed one of the three victims.

"A few meters later the jeep stopped, the two of them got out and asked us why, claiming that we cursed them. We reacted again and then one of them pulled out a gun and shot us," he added.

"They might have shot us too"

An eyewitness and member of the group of the three victims described the terrifying moments that unfolded before his eyes.

“He wanted to kill… he went straight for the head. Anyone could have been there. It's a miracle that children live. We had a great time. We were getting ready to leave, because we were flying in the morning. At that moment, one of the kids said an "uh", but it wasn't towards them. So, at that moment, they were driving by and thought he shouted at them. "They got out of the car. Go to that kid's side. The child told them "I didn't refer to you, everything is fine". Then (…) went with (…) closer to them. There, then, I don't know if anything was said. One of the two hit him (…) and then the other two attacked him. Then he pulled out the gun and started shooting. "The first thing I did when I saw the others down there was look at the sign. Then they took the car and disappeared. They turned right and left."If we took one or two more steps, they might have shot us too. And it wasn't just us. There were other people who were leaving. Thirty to forty people were definitely outside."