New conspiracy theory for Bill Gates (IMAGES)

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New conspiracy theory for Bill Gates

Another conspiracy theory that sees the light of day is starring Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. This time the new conspiracy theory developed in Texas has to do with the snowfall that hit the area in the previous days and cost the lives of 70 people. According to the Sun, TikTok users uploaded a video on social media that accompanied it with the hashtag #govermentsnow and claimed that the snow was fake (!).

In fact, several of them were holding snowballs in their hands and trying to burn them in order to prove their claims. When the flame hits the snow and the snow does not melt, the TikTokers claim that this shows that the snowfall is fake and was designed by the Biden government.

It is indicative that in a video a woman is above her bath tub and holding a snowball and a lighter in her hand, typically saying that "this goes to our government and Bill Gates. "Thank you Bill Gates for trying to trick us into saying this is real snow." "You will see that it does not melt and is going to burn. The snow does not burn. The snow is melting. "Without water, it does not drip, nothing", the woman also claims.

In another video, a girl picks up snow from the ground and after making it into a ball, she puts it on top of a candle and notices that it does not melt. According to her, something else is hidden behind the non-melting snow. He even goes a step further by claiming that if he puts it in a microwave oven then it will catch fire as a metal has been mixed inside.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

In another video, a TikTok user holds a snowball over a hair dryer and says "it does not burn". In fact, the reaction of snow is due to a process called sublimation. The black color that appears when one tries to "burn" the snow really comes from the lighter because the butane, the lighter liquid or the solid fuel emits soot that accumulates on the surface of the snow, creating a dark film.

A similar phenomenon would occur if one did the same with a clear glass (A layer of butane or a lighter liquid would accumulate on the glass, creating a black color). Although the scientific community has no doubts about the sublimation process, TikTok users continue to spread fake news with their conspiracy theories. They claim that former Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates - who has been studying climate change for years - was behind what they called "fake" snow.