Erdogan "got it" with a singer and told her that he would cut her tongue

A Turkish singer caught the eye of Erdogan and the extremist Islamists on the occasion of a 2017 song

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A Turkish singer caught the eye of Erdogan and the extremist Islamists, on the occasion of a 2017 song.

According to the SKAI correspondent in Istanbul, about a month ago, the famous singer Cezen Aksu participated in an album, which infuriated the Islamists, as they believe that in Eva and Adam that a man and a woman should live their lives and thank her.

The lyrics of the song that infuriated the Turks state, among other things, that "we are in omens. Let's go to Revelation, give my greetings to the ignorant Eve and Adam. Again in front of us we have a cliff and behind us a mountain. We will burn again and they will burn. With bitterness and joy. "What a wonderful thing it is to live some things."

In fact, extremist Islamists threatened her that they would go outside her house.

At the same time, the Directorate of Religious Affairs intervened and noted that it should not offend the aunts. Moreover, the Turkish president noted that "no one can speak and insult Adam, who is sacred to us. It is our duty when we need to cut those languages. No one can talk about our mother, Eva. It's our duty to set his limits. "

For her part, the singer gave a harsh response to Erdogan, stressing that "you can not hurt me. I'm already very sorry. Wherever I look there is pain. I am the prey and you are the hunter. Ate throw! You can not feel me. You can not suppress my tongue. Pain wherever I look. Who is the traveler, who is the hotelier? Stop! You can not kill me. I have my voice, my saz, my tongue. I say. We are all. "