Messi talked about his adventure with the coronavirus

What the Paris Saint-Germain superstar said

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What the Paris Saint-Germain superstar said.

Not even Lionel Messi escaped the coronavirus, in the midst of a pandemic across Europe.

The Argentine, who tested positive for Covid-19 some time ago, he made a post in which he wanted to thank those who supported him with messages for passers-by, clarifying that his adventure was more difficult than he expected.

"As you know, I went through Covid and I would like to thank you for the messages I received and to tell you that it took me longer than I expected to get well, but I'm almost recovering and I'm looking forward to returning to the field. I have been training for the last few days to reach my 100% again, very nice challenges are coming this year and if we are lucky we will say them again soon. "Thank you!" Said Messi.