Zero hour, for the lost submarine of Argentina (VIDEO & PHOTO)

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With bated breath, the world public is watching the developments regarding the lost submarine San Juan of the Argentine Armed Forces, whose position was lost in the South Atlantic Ocean, a few twenty-four hours ago.

Rescue crews rushed to the area to deal with the prevailing bad weather and fight with time as less than 24 hours remain before the oxygen reserves for the 44 members of the submarine crew are depleted.


Shocking are the images released by the country's Navy, which show the adverse conditions under which the search for the submarine is carried out. Huge waves hamper efforts and endanger rescue crew members. 

The moments spent by the relatives of the crew, who from the first moment are hosted on a naval base to be at the center of the investigations, are also dramatic. Their hopes were revived a few hours ago, when the authorities announced that they had spotted white smoke from flares in the sea of ​​research. However, the flares of the submarine are red and green.