Panic in Russia over a bag of sugar - "Tough fights" in supermarkets

Incredible scenes a few days after the western sanctions

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West and Russia indulge in one economic war on the occasion of war in Ukraine, but the Russians are said to be fighting at supermarketto buy a bag sugar.

According to videos that have been released on social media and especially on Twitter, they show crowds of people fighting over who will be the first to buy sugar. In fact, according to Reuters, the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS) announced that it will conduct inspections at major sugar producers to avoid the creation of cartels due to the sharp rise in prices.

"The lack of sugar on store shelves in many areas is due to a sharp increase in demand, fueled by fraudulent organizations," FAS told Reuters, adding that annual inflation in Russia had reached 11 March at the highest level since its end 2015 while sugar prices soared 12,8% last week, according to data released by Rosstat on Wednesday.

Watch typical videos from the situation that allegedly prevails in Russian supermarkets for a bag of sugar:

via: Newsbeast