He went to do the Kiki Challenge and was hit by a car

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At the time he was trying to complete the popular challenge

The Kiki challenge is the most famous challenge in the world, with hundreds of people taking part and uploading videos on social media. Some of these videos are cute but some of them are quite dangerous with the police in many countries of the world having warned about the dangers of the Kiki challenge.

And this is confirmed by a video released in the last few days showing a car hitting a man while trying to complete the popular challenge.

In fact, JaylenNorwood, as the name of the man in the video is, believed that he had perfectly planned the whole issue. He would start dancing and then jump over the hood of the incoming car and continue dancing. But the vehicle came very fast, panicked and slipped and as a result the car hit him.

Fortunately for him, as shown in the video, his injury was not very serious, especially with some abrasions on his hand.

Watch the video: