Which drink causes the worst hangover?

What to avoid at the next party

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Alcohol makes us happy - but the next day we may find it dark. Of course, you know that some drinks will hit you harder than others, so it's worth knowing if your loved one can cause a more severe hangover before ordering another glass.

What you drink can affect how you feel the next day - with some drinks being the worst.

However, beverages such as sugar content and fermentation process can make a huge difference.

The rum, whiskey, red wine and brandy are all guilty of a severe hangover and are more likely to leave you with muscle aches and nausea the next day. They can also make your hangover last longer! And this can make headaches, nausea and muscle aches more painful.

They can also be toxic and stop your body's efforts to recover the next day. The Red wine It is well known that it leaves drinkers with a sore head the next day. It has natural elements called tyramine and histamine that can often leave you with a headache the next morning! Some people even say that they have headaches or migraines within 15 minutes of drinking the first glass.

Do you drink mulled wine; This mulled wine that is in fashion in Greece as well! This is because while it has less alcohol to drink because it has warmed up, mulled wine has more sugar than the natural sugars that raise your blood sugar. This can cause hyperglycemia!

Do not forget to drink plenty of water, even if you drink more now during the holidays. You will help your body and there will be less hangover the next day.