War Ukraine: Mother kills one of her sons and goes to drown the other so as not to be abused

A woman killed her son as she worried that the "Russian government would take her children and abuse them."

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War in Ukraine: An inconceivable tragedy occurred on USA, where a woman killed her son, as she stated to the authorities, she was worried that the "Russian government would take her children and abuse them".

The tragic news is making the rounds of the world, where a mother killed her 8-year-old son and tried to strangle the other with her and then tried to commit suicide. Natalia Hitchcock is from Russia, according to her husband had been affected by the war in Ukraine. She herself has been in a bad psychological state lately due to the developments.

War in Ukraine: What the mother said to the authorities about the murder of her son

As she told PoliceAccording to the international media, she was worried that "the Russian government was going to take her children and abuse them" while saying that "people saw her as a Russian spy".

She herself confessed to his murder 8-year-old Oliver, who strangled him, as she felt, as she stated, that this was the only option she had so that he would not be abused and she wanted to put an end to "her sufferings with her own hands".

Specifically on 30 March Wisconsin police received a call about an unconscious child. The other son of the family saw his brother unconscious and his father woke up to his voices. Despite their efforts, they failed to bring him back with the 8-year-old dying two days later.

According to the NY Post husband The woman said she was "concerned about Hitchcock's mental state as she watched the war between Russia and Ukraine on television." The 41-year-old woman after the operation, took an overdose of pills and tried to commit suicide with a knife.

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