Horror scenes: Bloodthirsty dogs devoured a 7-year-old

The mother's attempt to save him proved futile

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A seven-year-old boy died tragically in Idaho, USA, when he was attacked and eaten by a pack of dogs. His mother survived and is hospitalized with serious injuries.

The bloody incident took place on Saturday night in the Fort Hall area. Four dogs - two Rottweilers and two half-breeds - attacked the little boy who had gone out into the street outside the caravan where he lived to play.

The dogs belonged to the people, in whose caravan the Islas family lived. Kelan stepped out into the street for a moment when, after a few minutes, the mother found her child lying face down on the ground, his body being devoured by the teeth of bloodthirsty dogs.

Without a second thought, she ran to the scene, got in the middle and lay down on top of her son, in order to accept these animal bites while protecting the 7-year-old... But she didn't make it.

Kellan and Emily Islas were immediately taken by ambulance to the "Portneuf" Medical Center, where the baby boy was pronounced dead.

Local authorities euthanized the dogs by applying the local animal control law.

SOURCE: protothema.gr