The person waiting for his transplant: A strange photo from the surgery in the public

This is a shocking photo in the operating room related to a person ready for a transplant.

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Facial transplant: This is a shocking photo inside surgery. A photo related to a person ready to be transplanted. The renaissance of the world deserves to be witnessed, says the camera company Leica, posting the shocking image face transplant through the surgery.

Facial transplant: The statement of an American photographer

"This is the moment when the person was transferred from the donor to the recipient. At that very moment, the surgery "It was completely silent and I was in awe," recalls American photographer Lynn Johnson, who captured the moment.


A strong image with an impressive story. "I believe in the power of visual imagery," says Johnson. The transplant took place in 2018. Recipient Katie Stubblefield, the youngest patient with face transplant in the US then.

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