Sarbel: "So suddenly I got a tumor in my throat" (VIDEO)

The adventure he went through with his health

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Sarbel spoke to Themis Georgantas and After Dark about how he went through the quarantine period but also about his health problem.

"The lockdown was a little more difficult for me because unfortunately I did three neck surgeries during those two years in London. I was alone in the hospital. It was very difficult because I was constantly getting a lump in my throat. They took it out for me and it came back. I was speechless for many months. I could not speak. I lost my father a few years ago and I think I suffered from stress. "I have never been sick like this in my life," said Charbel initially.

"When my father died five years ago, then downhill. I was constantly sick, I was suffering from everything, a lot of stress. So suddenly I got a tumor in my throat. Very difficult. Luckily it was not close to the strings and did not bother my voice. That's how I got my quarantine in London, with surgeries and deafness. "