Maria Menounos: She says goodbye to her family before entering the operating room


Maria Menounos, before entering the operating room to perform the brain surgery, settled various pending issues. "I wrote letters to Kevin and my parents. "I gave them to my best friend and told him, 'Give them away if something happens to me,'" she told Women's Health magazine.

"I wrote to my dad: 'Listen, if I're on the other side, I're going to live a different life, and you might not be able to brag,' Look what amazing things he'm doing now! ' I have nothing to prove anymore. I just want to live my life, even if it means making friendship bracelets in Africa, that's what I want to do. I hope you continue to be proud of me and love me for what I will be after this journey, but I have to do it. "


Fortunately, last June's operation "could not have gone better," Menounos said.

"Doctors said they removed 99,9% of the tumor," he said, adding: "Dr. "Black confirmed that the tumor was benign and although this type of tumor is sometimes reborn, he said, for me, there is a maximum 6 to 7% chance of it returning."