Turkey: 62 arrests for links to Islamic State

turkish police generic ARRESTS, Turkey

Turkish police have arrested 62 foreigners suspected of links to Islamic State in an operation in Istanbul, the private Dogan news agency reported today.

The men, who were arrested overnight, are suspected of providing financial support to Islamic State members in "war zones," Dogan added.

The agency, which did not specify the nationality of the suspects arrested, added that deportation proceedings had been launched against them.

Last year on New Year's Eve, 39 people lost their lives in an attack by the Islamic State on a disco in Istanbul.

Authorities have stepped up security measures following the attack, and people suspected of links to terrorism are regularly arrested.

As a result, according to figures released weekly by the Interior Ministry, 634 people were arrested on suspicion of having links with Islamic State during November alone.

Meanwhile, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Gildirim said in a televised speech today that Turkish authorities had repelled a total of more than 50.000 foreign fighters trying to enter Turkish territory and arrested more than 5.000 alleged members of the Islamic State militant group. their counter-terrorism operations.