SAINT NAPA: They were caught stealing clothes, cosmetics and food – Two women handcuffed

Handcuffs on two women aged 20 and 32

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On 20/32/17 members of the Ayia Napa police station arrested two women aged 4 and 24 years old when they were found in their possession of various items of clothing, cosmetics and food which were reasonably suspected to be stolen and for which the two were arrested they did not provide satisfactory explanations for their possession.

Specifically, in the context of investigating complaints of thefts from clothing, cosmetics and food stores that had been reported on the same day, the Ayia Napa police, after evaluating information, ended up locating the two women who, after initially being arrested for the crime of unlawful possession of property, were subsequently questioned admitted the theft of the seized items from three shops in Ayia Napa.

The property, the value of which amounts to approximately 500 euros, was identified by the shopkeepers and returned to them.

The arrested women, after being accused in writing of their individual crimes, were released to be summoned later.

The Ayia Napa Police Station is investigating.