A tragic end for the 12-year-old: He is disconnected from the machines - "We have no other choice" says his mother

12-year-old: Archie Battersby's parents have been told their brain-dead son's mechanical support will be stopped.

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12year: After superhuman efforts, unfortunately his family Archie Battersby does not have the right to appeal the court decision that prohibits them from moving their son from a hospital to a care center.

In particular, the Supreme Court agreed with the position of the doctors that the movement of Archie – which is brain dead- she is too dangerous for him.


In fact, previous court decisions had given the 12-year-old's doctors the right to disconnect the machines, but the decision was suspended when the parents appealed to the European Court of Human Rights.

The last move of the parents was their appeal to the British Court for the transfer of the child out of the hospital. However, the court accepted the doctors' arguments that the risks of the transfer were "great and unforeseeable".

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So Archie Battersby's parents were notified that their son's mechanical support would end. The mother of the 12-year-old admits that the possibilities in Justice have been exhausted: "We have done everything I promised my boy that I would do" she noted characteristically speaking to Sky News.


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