Trump - Putin: "Turn the page" and talk about world peace (BINTEO)

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Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin sent the message that in the near future they will work closely together to improve their relations. The US President said that after the four-hour meeting, their relations are better than before, while Vladimir Putin said that today the two countries face new challenges and that the "Cold War" is a thing of the past.


The Russian President said that their meeting is one of the first steps to improve and restore the relationship of trust between the two countries.

The two leaders said they discussed relations, reports of Russian interference in the 2016 US election, regional issues such as Syria, Iran and the denuclearization of North Korea, as well as the fight against terrorism.

"In the negotiations, we have identified the first steps to improve this relationship and bring it back to acceptable levels of trust," said Vladimir Putin, who spoke first. He welcomed the progress made in North Korea-US relations, praising Donald Trump for his initiative to open a channel of communication.

"We have agreed with President Trump to set up a joint high-level working committee with Russian and American businessmen," Putin said.

He denied that Russia had intervened in any way in the US domestic political scene, saying that if there was such evidence they were willing to discuss it.

"Russia has never been, and never will be, involved in any election campaign," he said.

On the issue of immigration, Vladimir Putin said that their goal "is to find a solution to the problem so that refugees can return to their country."

Congratulating President Putin on hosting the World Cup, Donald Trump spoke of a direct, open and productive dialogue that went very well.

"Our relationship has never been worse than it is now. "But that changed about four hours ago," Trump said.

On Syria, the US president said US-Russia cooperation could save hundreds of thousands of lives. He described Putin as a "good competitor", referring to a question on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

All the details in the report of the journalist Thomas Paisi.