Trump: "I'd rather have May as my friend than my enemy"

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The joint press conference of the American President and the British Prime Minister will be discussed for a long time. Following Trump's negative comments about Theresa May, the American President collected them, describing her as "an amazing woman who does a fantastic job", a "tough diplomat", who prefers to have a friend rather than an enemy.

Trump described the manner in which the interview he gave to The Sun was published as "fake news", saying that only the negative comments he made about the Prime Minister were shown. Regarding the comment that May had made that "May did not follow his advice regarding Brexit", she replied that it was "suggestions and not advice" which were judged by Theresa May as "barbaric".

"Mrs May could do what I suggested. She is a tough negotiator, very smart, very tough and capable woman. "I would rather have her as a friend than as an enemy," he said. In relation to the policy pursued by Brexit, Trump said that he would support it as long as a trade agreement could be signed later.

For her part, Theresa May left open the possibility of a trade agreement between the two countries after Brexit while reiterating that Brexit will be implemented in March 2019 as requested by the British people through a referendum.

It is worth noting that the American President refused to accept a question from the CNN reporter, saying that it was "fake-news" and immediately proceeded to a Fox News reporter.