Horror in Britain: She stabbed her friend on the train and shouted "Sleep baby girl"

sav 3 Britain, TRAIN

In front of the eyes of the passengers

The passengers on the train on the route Birmingham - South Wales experienced shocking moments, as they saw a woman stabbing her friend with rage and shouting "sleep little girl".

The perpetrator is 42-year-old Lisa Savage, who had just been released from prison after 17 years as she was sentenced to life in prison for stabbing her ex-partner and going by train to her mother's house because he had sent her a letter saying she did not want to have no relationship with her.

According to the authorities, the perpetrator wanted to hurt her mother and had taken a friend with her to help her. However, she regretted it and tried to change her mind on the train and not to go to her mother's house and then announced that she did not want to help her.

sav 1 Britain, TRAIN

Then came the explosion from the 42-year-old perpetrator, who with incredible composure took a knife out of her bag and stabbed her dozens of times, in front of the frightened passengers.

While stabbing her, Savage shouted "sleep little girl", while after the attack which lasted 4 minutes, she left the victim in the blood and calmly left for the train door.

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Her friend, Sarah Hayton, was taken to the hospital, where she had to do 67 superficial and 20 deep stitches, while she has received knives in the eye, face and neck!

Savage got off at an upcoming stop, went out to a park where she shouted to the police: I did it. I'm a psycho killer!