Bomb by Theresa May: I will not run in the next election

teresa may 09 Teresa May, candidate

Shortly before the vote on the motion of censure

Theresa May told Conservative lawmakers that she would not be leading her party in the next election.

About two hours before the crucial vote on the motion of censure, the British Prime Minister proceeded with another maneuver. To win the support of MPs in the vote, he announced that he would not give the "battle" in the next British elections, in 2022.

According to British journalists, May told the MPs that "in her heart she would like to fight for the elections, but she recognizes that the party does not want to do it". However, when asked when she would resign, she refused to give a date. He clarified, however, that there will be no early elections.

According to the Guardian, it was a moving meeting and some people cried listening to what the British Prime Minister said.