May: Donald Trump told me to sue the EU instead of negotiating

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In a television interview with the BBC, Theresa May revealed that the US President had told her to sue the EU.

It is noted that a few days ago, Donald Trump said in a press conference at the Checkers that he made a proposal to the British Prime Minister on how to deal with Brussels, with May rejecting it.

The American leader specifically stated,

"I understand that maybe he found her a little wild."

The British Prime Minister stated today,

"He told me that I should sue the EU, not enter into negotiations with them, sue them."

He added that Britain was finally negotiating with the EU and that the US President had told it,

"Do not leave (the negotiations) because then you will be stuck."

Theresa May, meanwhile, wrote an article in the Mail on Sunday warning her MPs, both the most ardent supporters of Brexit and its most ardent opponents, to accept her proposal for a future relationship with the EU because " there is no other viable alternative future trade relationship ".

On the other hand, addressing mainly Europeans, it warns that if its plan is not supported, there is a risk of a naughty Brexit and the loss of validity of more than 40 trade agreements with other countries, through the EU.

MPs from both sides of the Brexit spectrum have tabled these amendments in order to disrupt government plans.
At the same time, the Sunday Times reports that two more ministers are considering resigning and that the Conservative Party's 1922 Committee has received 40 of the 48 letters from lawmakers required to begin a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister.