Everything that happened during Trump's visit to Great Britain (VIDEO & PHOTO)

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US President Donald Trump is in the UK, scheduled to visit British Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth.

However, his visit did not seem to excite thousands of citizens, who took to the streets in protest of his policies.

According to British media reports, more than 100.000 protesters took to the streets of central London, with the police calling via twitter, the citizens to be constantly informed about the situation in the central squares of London and to avoid any unnecessary movements.

Protesters held banners and placards reading slogans against the US President, such as "Get rid of Trump" and "Donald Trump must leave."

Activists inflated outside parliament a 6-meter-high balloon depicting Trump as an orange baby wearing a diaper and crying.

The BBC has released a video showing thousands of people in central London shouting slogans for Trump.

Men and women of all ages are taking part in the protest.

Trump's Contradictions and May's Gifts

Donald Trump visited the British Prime Minister Theresa May at the official residence in Checkers.

In a press conference that followed their meeting, he stated that he "looks forward" to concluding a trade agreement with the United Kingdom, after the exit of Britain from the European Union is finalized.


His statement overturned an earlier statement in The Sun, saying that Theresa May's Brexit strategy would prevent such an agreement.

Trump also said that: 

"We want to trade with the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom wants to trade with us."


The British Prime Minister presented Trump with an illustrated family tree depicting the Scottish ancestors of the American president on his mother's side. she was called "First Lady".

Holding hands

The incident in which the American President and the British Prime Minister are holding hands has caused a lot of comments.

Donald Trump does not seem to believe in the phrase "ladies are ahead" and climbs the stairs faster in front of Theresa May.

In fact, she seems to let go of her hand abruptly, as she climbs the stairs. 


The meeting with Queen Elizabeth and tea

After meeting with the British Prime Minister, Donald Trump left for Windsor Castle with his wife.

There they were received by Queen Elizabeth, who was dressed in blue and welcomed the couple on a platform set up especially for the occasion.

Queen Elizabeth offered tea to the American President and his wife inside the Castle.


Source: AlphaNews.live