This is the most expensive meat for the Christmas table (VIDEO)

They import meat from Greece to cover the needs

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Major shortages of meat are observed in the market as the President of the All Cyprus Butchers Association Kostas Livadiotis reported in "Protoselido".

According to him, approximately 25.000 lambs are available, while imports are made from Greece to meet the needs of consumers.

As far as the prices for this year's Christmas holidays are concerned, this year they mark an increase of around 30%.

"At the moment, small Cypriot milk lambs are sold for around 14 euros per kilo. Most expensive worldwide is lamb. Second is beef, third is pork and fourth is chicken," explained Mr. Livadiotis.

In fact, he added that the amount of meat that consumers buy has decreased, due to the increase in prices.

Also, many buy chicken and leave aside the traditional choice of turkey.

Watch the video: