Need for continuous upgrade of EF, due to Turkish intransigence

The Minister of Defense, Charalambos Petridis, stated that we are proceeding with the execution of the armament program.

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The Turkish intransigence in combination with its increasingly aggressive attitude, require the continuous upgrade of the capabilities of the National Guard, said today the Minister of Defense Charalambos Petridis, adding that we are proceeding with the execution of our armament program.

Welcoming the celebration of Agios Nikolaos, patron saint of the navy, which took place at the Naval Base "Lieutenant General Evangelos Florakis" in Marie, the Minister said that "we owe a big thank you to the executives and sailors who serve today with zeal and professionalism. their best selves, honoring their industry and the National Guard ".

He added that "The navy, based on its mission, participates together with other units of the National Guard in multinational exercises, strengthening defense cooperation with other states, creating conditions of security and peace in the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean. Aeronautical exercises are carried out at regular intervals with the most important examples being "NOBLE DINA-2021", "EVNOMIA 2-2021", "BRIGHT STAR" and "MEDUSA 11" with the participation of countries such as Greece, France, Israel, Egypt, Italy and the United Kingdom. Arab Emirates".

As the Minister of Defense stated, "a new page is now being opened with joint training in special operations" since, as he explained "The Underwater Disaster Unit in collaboration with Departments of Exercises was exercised, during the current year, together with the Interdisciplinary Special Operations Command of GEETHA Greece and NAVY SEALS Teams of the US Navy".

He also noted that "Cooperation and co-training with friendly and allied armed forces and participation in multinational interdisciplinary exercises enhance interoperability and seamanship, as well as the acquisition of operational experience, especially by the co-training of UCs with similar units in other countries. Their success obliges all of us to intensify and further strengthen the effort for joint exercises within the framework of our collaborations ".

The Minister of Defense also stated that "In the field of innovation in defense, Navy officers participate as experts in research projects, funded by the European Union, mainly related to maritime safety, being the best ambassadors for the high scientific training of naval executives. "The activity of the navy has been further expanded by conducting humanitarian missions and search and rescue operations in cooperation with the Search and Rescue Coordination Center, providing assistance where needed within the area of ​​responsibility of the Republic of Cyprus."

In his speech, Mr. Petridis also said that "Turkish intransigence, combined with its growing offensive stance, requires the continuous upgrade of the capabilities of the National Guard. Within the financial possibilities of the state, we are moving forward with steady steps in the execution of our armament program that was prepared in collaboration with the National Guard at the highest economic levels of the last 17 years ".

In the context of strengthening Naval Prevention and the capabilities of Submarine Disaster Teams, it continued "Three search and rescue vessels have been acquired for the Submarine Disaster Unit, the surface-to-air missile system has been upgraded and the modernization of naval intelligence gathering, command and control capabilities will soon begin."

Regarding infrastructure issues, the Minister said that "A helicopter runway was built and plans began to be drawn up for the construction of facilities within the Naval Base to accommodate large naval units."

After congratulating the Commander of the Navy and all the staff for the work they perform, Charalambos Petridis wished "The endless blue of the sea and its life-giving air" to give them the courage and strength to continue with zeal and devotion the execution of their mission.

The celebration began with a trishagio and was followed by the reading of the Agenda of the Commander of the Naval Captain Dimitris Masouras and continued with the greeting of the Minister of Defense.

Then the Minister of Defense threw a wreath at sea in memory of the fallen sailors, followed by a minute of silence and the rebuttal of the National Anthem. The Minister of Defense, accompanied by the Chief of General Staff and other military personnel, then inspected the navy's equipment.

The celebration of Agios Nikolaos was attended by, among others, the Chief of GEEF, the President of EDEK Marinos Sizopoulos, the President of ELAM Christos Christou, a representative of the Greek Embassy, ​​MPs and relatives of the fallen sailors.