Turkish Foreign Minister: We will never endanger our national interests in Cyprus

"The obstruction of the Pyla project is unacceptable"

Screenshot 8 2 Turkey, Minister of Defense

"We will never jeopardize our national interests," said Turkish Defense Minister Yasar Guler, referring to the Cyprus issue. adding that "the only and final solution on the island is the recognition of the 'sovereign equality' and the 'equal international status' of the Turkish Cypriot 'people'".
Speaking at a reception in Ankara on the anniversary of the unilateral illegal declaration of the pseudo-state, the Turkish Defense Minister argued that "the Cypriot issue arose as a result of the efforts of the Greek Cypriots to exclude the Turkish Cypriots from the cooperative state established in 1960."

"In that difficult moment, the Turkish Cypriots put up an epic struggle to maintain their presence on the island and their vested rights. Turkey has always stood by its Cypriot brothers in this just struggle. With the 'peace operation' in Cyprus in 1974 carried out in this context, the massacre of our compatriots was prevented, the persecution they suffered ended and security, peace and tranquility came to the island for both Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots ", he claimed.

He argued that "the struggle of the Turkish Cypriots led to victory 40 years ago today and the 'tdvk' took its place in history as an 'independent state'." This independence is the clearest indication of Turkish Cypriots' determination and persistence to protect their independence and future," he pointed out.

According to the Turkish Minister, "since then, Turkey has made every effort to ensure peace and stability on the island. As we have always stated, Cyprus is our national issue," he said.

He said that it is one of Turkey's most important priorities "to resolve the Cyprus issue as soon as possible in a way that guarantees the legitimate interests and security of the 'Turkish Cypriot people'".

"I would like to emphasize that those who dream of the status quo are the ones who are the only source of the lack of solution. They are still only serving the lack of a solution with the military agreements they have made and the military aid they receive from third countries. It is necessary to understand that the only and definitive solution on the island is the recognition of the 'sovereign equality' and the 'equal international status' of the Turkish Cypriot 'people'", argued the Turkish Defense Minister.

According to the Turkish Minister, "our desire is to avoid unilateral steps that ignore the rights of the 'Turkish Cypriot people' on the island and to demonstrate a strong will for a peaceful, rational, equal and fair settlement of the Cypriot, which has been condemned to remain unresolved for years, based on international law."

"The obstruction of the Pyla project is unacceptable"

Mr. Guler said that "it should be known that we will never compromise our national interests while working for a peaceful solution. We are fully determined to build a future in which our Cypriot brothers and sisters will live in security, peace and prosperity, and to protect Turkey's rights and interests in the Mediterranean," he noted.

"In this context, we call on the international community to support a just and lasting solution to the Cyprus issue, to stop supporting the claims of a single side and to approach the issue in a reasonable and impartial manner. In fact, we have clearly expressed our reaction to the unacceptable attempt to obstruct the project in Pyla, which started in August for purely humanitarian purposes," he said.

He then added, “as a result of the negotiations with the representatives of the United Nations, the road construction work started again on October 23. We expect the peacekeeping force to act according to its mission on the island and to respect the 'sovereign rights' of the 'tdvk'. We also underline that an agreement should be reached with the 'principles' of the 'tdvk' regarding the presence of the United Nations peacekeeping force on the island. In conclusion, Turkey will continue to stand by its Cypriot brothers with the understanding of 'One Nation, Two States and One Heart' under the Treaty of Guarantee and Alliance," he said.

"Tdvk is an integral part of the Turkish states"

The Turkish Minister asserted that "today, thanks to Turkey's decisive stance, the 'tdvk' and the brotherly people of Cyprus look to the future with more confidence and take firm steps towards a strong tomorrow." It is very important and gratifying that the tdvk, which is an integral part of the large family of Turkish states, became an observer member of the Organization of Turkic States and obtained observer status in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkish States. We believe there will be even better developments in the future," he said.