The way is opened for the election of a new Metropolitan of Paphos - as provided for in the statute

What does the statute provide?

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After the enthronement of the elected Archbishop of Nea Iustinianis and all of Cyprus Georgios, the way is opened for the election of a new Metropolitan of Paphos.

Archimandrite Ioannis Ioannou, Primate of the Holy Archdiocese, has already officially announced his candidacy for the Diocese of Paphos.

According to the Statutory Charter of the Church of Cyprus, in the case of a Metropolitan's widow, the archbishop takes over the vicarage.

The guardianship is exercised as in the case of a widow of the Archbishopric Throne.

An election of a High Priest cannot take place if the Archbishop's Throne is in a widowhood.

Candidates for the election to the widowed Throne are the Bishops, as well as all those who have, according to article 30, the qualifications for high priesthood. Specifically, single clergy (elders or deacons) are eligible to be elected to the high priesthood, those who have obtained the following qualifications: A degree from a recognized Orthodox Theological School, Ten years of successful ministry, in the capacity of a clergy or monk and at least 35 years of age. It is possible for the Holy Synod in exceptional cases to accept as ecclesiastics and clergy, of known ethics and prestige, without having a degree from a Theological School.

The training of the three persons to elect the Metropolitan is done by universal secret ballot. All Orthodox Christians, over the age of 18, who have resided permanently, for at least one year, in a parish or community of the widowed Metropolis, including any subject to this Diocese, and are registered in its electoral roll, which is approved, have the right to vote. from the Holy Synod. In this case, it concerns the archpriestial district of Paphos.

The compilation of the list of voters of the widowed Metropolis and the electoral process for the nomination of the three persons, are carried out with the analogous application of all that is defined for the election of an Archbishop.

After the formation of the triumvirate, the Holy Synod convenes in session and proceeds to the election of the new Metropolitan, in this case the election of the Metropolitan of Paphos, in accordance with what is also defined for the election of the Archbishop.

The same applies, by analogy, to the ordination and enthronement of the elected Metropolitan.

Source: KYPE